Young Female Director of IDC Group: Excellent and beautiful

During the time studying abroad in United Kingdom, Ms. Nguyet Thu had accumulated lots of experiences via the process of working for many famous International Corporations in the world. Her first job was working at the “International Business Marketing” sector in Orange Telecommunications Corporation, which is one of the three biggest telecommunications corporations in Europe.


Working at “International Business Marketing” sector requires the innovation, flexibility, analytical ability as well as the ability to predict the demand and supply for company’s products, with the purpose of giving right decisions for the marketing campaign. Moreover, the ability to communicate with people is also very important. This is a remarkable period that Ms. Nguyet Thu had accumulated lots of treasure experiences

Ms. Thu continued her career by working for many of well-known banks in the world, including Goldman-Sach (US) and USB (Switzerland). This working experience helped the young girl to learn so many aspects of business, such as advice, prediction, and calculate the risk in the enterprise investment.

Beside the process of working, Ms. Nguyet Thu also finished “Master Degree of Business Administration and Marketing” at the University of Bath with a very high score.

During the studying and working time in foreign country, the girl with two bright eyes and two cute teeth also actively join lots of activities of Vietnam society (Vietsoc) in UK. During the studying time in the UK, Ms. Thu was a vice president of Vietsoc at Bath University as well as United Kingdom.

On the 26th of March, 2015, the 80th anniversary of  Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Ms Thu was admitted to the party by Ambassador of Vietnam in UK and became official party member of Vietnam Communism Party. This is a big honor which any Vietnam oversea students really want.



In that sacred moment, Nguyet Thu told that her biggest dream is to return to Vietnam in order to set up her career as well as to build and develop her country.
For that reason, instead of building career in foreign countries, Nguyet Thu choose the way to return Vietnam with the purpose of leading IDC Group to develop to a new level.

Ms. Nguyet Thu is keeping the role of Director of Development and Chief Marketing Officer in IDC Group. In the future, Nguyet Thu will be a person who assumes the position to direct whole IDC Group.

We have met Thu in a cool afternoon at one Coffee shop, the young beautiful director had shared with us lots things about her work as well as her life.

“We have known that Ms. Thu have returned to Vietnam and started to assume the position of Director of Development and Chief Marketing Officer in IDC Group. Do you have any difficulties in the process of approaching your jobs when the business market in Vietnam country has lots of differences in comparison with things that you had learned in UK?”

Nguyen Nguyet Thu:Bringing everything that I have learned to real life is not a simple thing. Knowing how to use them effectively is much more complicated.

The culture, the way of business in each country has different features. However, I believe that anywhere has the same point. “The more I go, the greater experiences I accumulated.” Only when we practice, we will get treasure lessons and experiences for myself and lead to the success in the future. 



                                       Nguyễn Nguyệt Thu trong buổi lễ trao giải Sao Vàng Đất Việt năm 2010



“IDC Group is one of the biggest corporations of ICT not only in the North but also in Vietnam in general. We have known that in the future, IDCGroup will invest in two fields which are very "hot" on the market are the e-commerce (E-Commerce) and Serviced Apartment. Can you share to us more about the objectives and expectations of the group for these fields?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: These are two fields that IDC Group can recognize the potential development as well as ability to develop in the future, so that we decide to invest in these two fields.


 Currently, IDC is a products distributor of many big ICT companies in Vietnam. We have created a new channel via the e-commerce system. IDC Group wishes to be a market share of all new business areas, which likes everything we have achieved in the information-technology area during 20 years.


IDC is a strong foothold on hardware market;however, at the present, the telecom market in Vietnam is also very exciting and competitive. Previously, Thu had two years of experiences working at Orange – one of the biggest telecommunications group in France. So willyou apply these experiences to develop your corporations?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: Although I have the working experiences for that field; but, at the present, the development campaign of IDC does not decide to join this area. However, after your interesting question, maybe I will think about that (smile)


“At the age of 23, which is the age still very young to hold the position of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in a corporation like IDC Group, so can you share the difficulties and benefits, or maybe some interesting memories in this position?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: Having an opportunity to work in a company which is ranked one of five most famous brand names of ICT field in Vietnam helps me to learn a lot, this is an advantage. However, besides the advantages, there are so many difficulties which I have to deal with. In my view, the more difficulties I confront while working, the more interesting and exciting things I have to fight.


“Although you are aVietnamese student in the UK, when Nguyet Thu was quite young, you have showed your love with country through being admitted at the Embassy of United Kingdom earlier this year. Can you give some advice to the young generation of Vietnam studentsto contribute to the motherland?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: I always love my country and always want to return my home country. I think that some of Vietnam oversea students have the same idea with me that they really want to return and serve the country. Working together to build a developed country is a mission as well as honor of our young generation.


“Would Nguyet Thu like to share with us some advice about experiences that you have leaned during the process of studying, working in the foreign country before deciding to return Vietnam to set up and contribute for company?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: Thu had an opportunity to train at lots of different environments, situations and areas.


For example, when Thu studied and worked in the UK, Thu had an opportunity to work for two investment banks: Goldman Sachs of US and UBS of Switzerland, and a Telecommunications Corporationof France,Orange. I think that I have learnednot only skills, knowledge, but also different cultures in working. Training from different areas is a thing which many young people tend to do before deciding to make a way for the future.


“During the process of operating, managing, Thu has any shock? And if have, how could you deal with it?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: I feel that I have a good start. I also prepared a very clear idea that how I can develop IDC Group. In fact, shocks did not happen frequently, however, there are lots of problem that I think about them so much and I really want to find the answers for it. This is also a main problem of lots of people who do business in Vietnam.


“Does your family influence a lot on the way that you choose your business?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: My parents influent a lot on my habit of business, but they did not orientate for me to follow this habit.


Since I was young, my parents were very busy with work; their choice to do business was like an instinct rather than an orientation. Since I studied, I used to trade; I usually rented comics, books as well as sold paintings. I see business as a habit, happiness rather than a pressure to follow tradition family.


“Do you have any pressure on the role of doing business and develop IDC Group?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: A lot! (Smile): The pressures come from questions, including how to develop IDC Group, how to create employment to help more people and how to contribute to my country?


“To be successful at any field of business, we must have profound knowledge in that field. Technology is an area that does not easy to learn with women, so did Thu have to learn a lot about the information of products which is produced?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: Of course yes! There are so many technical specifications, detailed information of products that I need to catch up.


Since my childhood, I had enjoyed any product which is related to technology; I started to learn applications and now, I always prefer to use the technology in all production operations and marketing of the company.


Besides, I am also very interested in the information of technology, so learning about these topics becomes easier for me, especially when we have passion.


“Can you share a little about the application of high-tech products in your daily work?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: I really like IT as well as high-tech products. I remember the old day which my parents bought for me a computer and a printer. I felt very excited at that moment and I started to work with Microsoft Office and design many types of card, letters and I sent them to my friends.


When I worked in Orange, the company gave me a Blackberry to use for work, this is also the first time I use Blackberry. Since that period, my job always is linked with Blackberry, iPad and Laptop.


 I prefer to use technology in work because it helps me to save a big amount of time as well as improving the efficiency of work. Even in the way I use IT products in my office, you might be surprise because of the ways I connect so many screens to my laptop. The reason for this is that I will be able to control everything at the same time.


“I have to call you so many times to arrange this meeting. Obviously, Nguyet Thu is a very busy girl with job. So do you have a lot of spare time and what do you use that time for?”


Nguyen Nguyet Thu: Most of my free time I spend for my family and my friends. Sometimes, I go to play golf and yoga. Moreover, I love quiet moment which I can read books besides the sound of stream flow in my garden. This will bring me a comfortable feeling and relaxing, it seem like I can dispel all the sorrows.


Reading book is an interesting habit of mine when I have free time. The book which I am reading talks about a crazy genius in IT industry – Steve Jobs. As you may know, when we lost Steve Jobs, it means that the world have lost a genius in whole IT industry.

Hoang Viet (report)