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Network solution implementation

With the experienced staffs and experts and the hundreds of authorized dealers in 63/63 provinces across the country, we have successfully implemented many large scale projects as well as short-term ensure good after sales service is a trusted partner.


- LAN – WAN connections solutions:

With technology and comprehensive products from low to high Cisco, HP, Juniper, ..., solution LAN-WAN connections to IDC have advantages:

+ Design in the standard model of Cisco, response international standards IEEE 802.xx and standards on HA, Security, QoS, Mobility.

+ Connection type: Leased line, Frame Relay, ATM, xDSL ...

+ Supports all protocol: IS-IS, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP ...

+ Ability to applications with the newest  technology: 10GbE, CWDM, PoE, IPv6 ..

+ Highly secure, easy to configure, support to integrated services.

- Management Centralized networking and communications solutions:                            

+ IDC provides overall management solutions for the enterprise network system.

+ Management solution optimizes bandwidth by the software and devices dedicated bandwidth optimization.

+ Management WAN, LAN solutions.

+ The management solution dedicated by Cisco (Ciscowork), HP (HP BTO), IBM (Tivoli) ....