The seminar about technology solutions and new products of Dell


From 1 October 2015 to 3 October 2015, IDC Group combines with Dell Vietnam to organize seminar “Technology solutions and new products of Dell” 2015 in Vinh city. This is an annual seminar of Dell and is the similar rendezvous for IT people. In this event, Dell had combined with some important partners, such as Microsoft, Intel…and shared about the latest technologies which are focused developing to provide to enterprise customers. In addition, this is also a place for Dell and IDC show some products with the most advanced technology.

The event is organized with the purpose of providing comprehensive solutions for enterprises, orienting the way of development for products Dell Server, Networking, Storage. In here, our concentration not only for providing a better environment, a place which business leaders, technicians, developers and designers might share their ideas, true stories and the best practices but also for guiding and inspiring for their innovative thinking.  

The seminar took place extremely well based on the spirit of cooperation of the parties, attracting lots of clients by useful content. As a result, speakers have rapidly expressed important information to companies, we always wish to provide various products, bring for users high quality, especially saving money and making consumer surplus.  


We are proud to be a reliable partner, knowing exactly what the customers want, giving them the solutions and helping combination between current environment and new environment to satisfy the demand of clients. Not only that, IDC also gives the new solutions which help customers easy to control, utilize and exploit not only current technologies but also the latest technologies.

When joining in this event, the customers have opportunities to meet, exchange as well as being noticed about every new trend in technologies in the field of via a list of negotiations and was showed by advisers of Vietnam Dell. Consequently, it might help enterprises stable in facilities, flexible in application to keep growth.