The charity activity at Dien Bien in December 2015


Besides businesses and external activities of IDC Group every year, we always organize many charity events, activities in group with our partners. In this winter, the representation of IDC Group organized the charity event at Dien Bien. The program took place from 28th to 30th November 2015. The committee members and the employees of IDC Group have donated many valuable goods as well as money for families which have difficult situation at Dien Bien. More than 200 gifts and artifacts were given to those families.  

The humane mark and the opinions “Treat everyone as your family member” and” A stitch in time saves nine” were showed via humane activities of big family IDC. “We had lots of times to visit many families and give them meaningful things. These social charity activities of IDC Group brings our dream of “heating” the difficult and unlucky lives.