Interview Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong – IDC Group C.E.O




Currently, the Post Office Department and Telecommunication Research are orienting the way of development for the issue of hardware industry. The establishment of the Association Vietnam Computer is considered that will be a positive action in improving the Vietnam Computer Industry. We hope that you can spend time for us to exchange some problems:

1/ Can you tell us the basis to establish the Association Vietnam Computer?

In recent years, the Party and the Government had paid special attention on the construction of IT industry, considering it as an important developing orientation in the process of industrialization, modernization the country. Specially, the Government has established the steering committee number 58 is directly operated by the vice president. What are the benefits of this establishment? It answers for many issues: Satisfying the orientation of Party and Government, satisfying the demands of enterprises which produce Vietnam Computer and insurance about the benefits of consumers; making “cleanliness” in business, perfect competition, being ready for AFTA integration.

2/ Can you tell us the specific target and action of the Association when they operate?

A lot! However, we can summarize it

-Constructing the Vietnam Computer Industry

- Constructing and advertising the image, reputation of Vietnam Computer products

- Being the focal point related with the projects of Government, Ministries, Departments and Provinces.

- Being the focal point to support member in relationships with international partners

- Constructing the quality insurance center which supports enterprises to build the ISO quality process.

- Technical training for engineers of enterprise members.

- Expanding members

3/ Do you have any ideas about the policy structure for Vietnam Computer Brand as well as the computer industry.

This question should be answered by the Government because only the Government has the duty to create the structure and policy which support for Vietnam Computer Brand. With the view of an association, the target which was mention above relatively clarify the policy of the association

4/ Do you have any comment about the promotion policy of the Ministry of Industry (Decision number 14) for Tổng công ty Điện tử tin học in computer developing?

The policy is successful only when it is suitable with the development trend of market. The market is always opened and competitive – This is motivation to develop; our generation has no places for the exclusive mechanism.

5/ In your opinion, what are the Post and Telecommunications Office Department should do to develop Vietnam Computer brand?

We are very happy after many “homeless days”, because we finally have a manager ministry for Information Technology Industry – an important industry in the career of industrialization and modernization. If the name of the Department is “Post and Technology Office Department”, it will be better. About the department policy, we hope that the Department will support for the Vietnam IT area as well as the Association Vietnam Computer, creating a basis and motivation for us to develop, being ready for integration time and showing that we are Vietnamese people.

6/ Can you tell us the ability to competitive of Vietnam Computer Brand today?

- The competition between Vietnam Computer Brand and Foreign Computer Brand

+ About the price and the quality of products and services, we are not afraid. Because of the price of Vietnam Computer Brand is cheaper from 20% to 35% than foreign computers.

+ We are afraid the habit of using foreign products of Vietnamese people – Same like bike: Honda. Of course we have to always try our best to secure that the product’s quality will be better – The marketing policy for developing market also needs to improve.

-         The competition between Vietnam Computer Brand ( Computers are assembled carefully in technology, managed under the ISO quality process as well as complied with financial management according to the rules of Finance Department.) with other computers is also a problem. The enterprises want to be seriously about tax, clear policy for products and developing market generally having the higher price and quality (Because they have to import under the rules of the organizers). The higher import tax, the higher risk of tax evasion.

7/ Generally, there are lots of people talk about the import Vietnam Computers, what is your opinion about this issue?  

This is a dream of all enterprises – that is also a pride of Vietnamese people. The import is not a difficult thing; it also depends on the support policy of the Government as well as the making market policy of Vietnamese enterprises. I believe that when the Association Vietnam Computer was born, that way to import will be much shorter.

8/ Do you have any comment about the Vietnam language operating system Linux and the predictions about the future of this operating system?

They have a good idea but to use as requirements, they need to improve a lot.

9/ There are lots of ideas assuming that there are so many Vietnam computer brands but the computers actually just assemble on Vietnam and it is really hard to persuade the customers that this is the Vietnam Brands. What is your opinion about this issue?

All of famous brand names on the wall had begun from assemblers. What is the production? Is that there are a production line which can make a piece of iron to a computer case or make individual accessories to a mainboard which called as a manufacturer? This is a serious mistake. We are no longer in the period of doing everything ourselves. With the backward Vietnam technology, how possible we can produce things such as case, mainboard with the cheaper price than China and Taiwan, which were ahead of us for decades. While they are making profit on their production line, we are same like the president of Tổng Công ty Điện tử Tin học Việt nam said: “From many years ago, one subsidiary had try to produce a case, cost 28$ meanwhile the cost of import is only 14$ 

10/ In your opinion, according to the ability to localization of the Vietnam computer industry, the Association Vietnam Computer Brand will decide whether producing of computer components or not? 

It will take so many years to talk about the localization issue. It depends a lot on the Vietnam Government policy. At the present, I think that when the market is quite small, enterprises operate manh múm, the asset is not high and the ability of import to competitive with Taiwan and China is weak, it is really hard to perform it.

11/ Do you have any recommend about the quality of Vietnam computer today?

Certainly they are very good, because the assemble accessories such as CPU, RAM, HDD, Mainboard… are same like foreign computers. The product is assembled and checked under the management standard ISO 9001: 2000. Especially when the Association Vietnam Computer Brand was born, we will try to work with manufacturers to have a better price policy for enterprises, at that moment, the market price will be more decreasing.

Vietnam Post Newspaper pleasured thanks you for the discussion about the problems above. We hope that Vietnam Post Newspaper will be the forum which connects the Association Vietnam Computer Brand with the state management and customers.

Thai Khang

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