IDC Group - Exclusive Product Distribution Tape Backup of Dell

Tape Backup Dell

If you"re looking for a secure, efficient storage solutions which is affordable? We would like to introduce the storage device expansion by Dell LTO-6-200 tape which is distributed exclusively by IDC Group.

When data is lost, there is no information to use when needed, losing customers because orders cannot be completed ... There are many reasons that can damage or result in loosing important data in the computer system. Loss of power may damage the hard drive, typing wrong commands can erase important data files, lightning spreading over the phone line connected to the modem that attached to the computer system will ruin the whole computer, computer viruses  can destroy all data saved in a year ... All this types of incident are hard to foresee. Therefore, backup sometimes is the only way that can help to recover the lost information.

So far, the backup media is still the most popular tape. One of the methods using tape is secure, reliable,  user-friendly and relatively low cost. Other backup solutions can be ruined at any time moment but the  TapeBackup can store information up to 30 years. Tape meets the basic requirements of a professional system: the original data and the backup data can be stored in two different places to prevent fire or disasters.

Dell LTO-6-200 Equipment External Tape can use: LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5 and LTO-6, which is convenient for system integration, customers do not need to worry about whether equipment are compatible with systems or not.

Dell LTO-6-200 device is designed to provide the most optimal solution for the backup system for all types of enterprises, to provide all forms of backup and data protection which nowadaysICT systems need such as: stability, sustainable, large storage capacity, protect the confidential information with encryption capabilities, and preventaccidencebetter than normal hard disks.