IDC Group awarded top 50 most famous brand 2015

On the 25thJuly, 2015, the award ceremony for "The Famous - Competitive Brands 2015" took place at Art Centre Au Co, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. This award took place to honor the companies and industries with great campaign to spread their brands and build up their competitive as the continuous effort of all the members. This title is one of the important factors which encouraged IDC to devote more than before, in order to maintain their position and honorable name in the industry during the economic crisis.


"The Most Famous - Competitive Brand 2015"

"Top 50 most Famous - Competitive Brand" is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. This title has been awarded to the IDC Group, which proved that we were recognised by the Vietnamese consumers as well as other leading companies. This event is also meant to encourage other companies and industries to put in more efforts to provide the best products and services equal the international standard.