6 Hot laptops sold in March

In March, Ultrabook has come to Vietnam market, especially including Series 5 of Samsung and a type of hand drive which is mixed between Toshiba U840 and pink ASUS Zenbook




Ultrabook Toshiba Satellite U840 has the similar shape with Z830 (used to introduce in Vietnam); however, it is thicker and heavier than Z840 because of 14-inch screen with special storage drive (combination between SSD 16GB and HDD 500GB). This product has the thinness of 19.8mm, weight 1.73kg with Inter Chip Core i5, 8GB RAM, light keyboard with USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Toshiba U840 is available to buy in the end of March




Samsung Series 5 also belongs to mix-hard driver Ultrabook (HDD 500GB and SSD 16GB) so it looks thicker and heavier than other competitors. This laptop has 2 sizes: 13 inch (weight 1.45 kg, integrated video graphics adaptor) and 14 inch (weight 1.84kg and AMD 7750 1GB VRAM which support to play 3D games effectively). Samsung affirms that the battery of product is available for users to use consecutively 6.5 hours and can be charge 1500 times.

Ultrabook of Samsung will be sold with the open price of 20 million VND.




Asus Eee PC 1025C integrates with the Atom new generation of Inter, called Cedar Trail. Speed of Cedar Trail is 1.6 GHz, allowing users to play full HD videos. This product has a half-day battery life and wastes only 2 seconds to startup when switching from sleep mode.

Eee PC 1025C is equipped 320GB hard drive, allowing connects Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as HDMI, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. The open price of product is 7 million VND.


In March, Sony will decide to sell Laptop Vaio E with the same shape likes model which was introduced in last year. However, it is upgraded to use Core i Sandy Bridge Chip with a higher beat and Nvidia 410M video graphics adaptor (In the past, it was Intel onboard-videos graphics adaptor). Sony Vaio E has the open price of 17 million VND.



Dell XPS 14Z does not belong in Ultrabook series, but it still has an aluminum monolithic frame design with 23mm thinness. Model L412z HCP6T2 have just appeared in Vietnam and being equipped Core i5 Sandy Bridge with a higher speed, 4GB RAM with GeForce GT520M and store up to 750 GB. 8-cell battery allows users to use consecutively 6 hours.

Super slim laptop of Dell will be sold in Vietnam market in the middle of March with the price more than 26 million VND.



Ultrabook Asus Zenbook will have more pink versions in Vietnam. Same like silver version which is introduced in the beginning of last year, pink version of Zenbook is designed with the thinnest section only 3mm and this is the slightest ultrabook with the weight of only 1.1 kg (11.6 inch version). The product has the shell which is made by metal with a circle pattern.

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