23 years of renewing and innovating

History is always a flow which has the start point. The beautiful beginning always from intelligence and culture promises will be beautiful future and IDC Group is a typical example. The way to success of IDC Group had so many times being placed in front of difficult situations which seemed insurmountable. However, the difficulties always lead to opportunities to success only when we know utilize it and try our best. The way leading to successes of IDC Group is not only the pride of an entire of staff in “big family IDC” but also is a lesson for anyone who wants to build a career, a long term prestigious brand on the Vietnam IT market.

Being born in 1992, after so many constructing and developing efforts, IDC Group has gone through 23 year of stable and keeps moving forward. During 23 years, IDC had tackled lots of problems as well as facing many challengers but they also had achieved many successes, making a milestone in the history. That milestone ended with difficulties and opened a new era, promising much better things. 23 years which had so many troubles but they still keep moving forward, it illustrates that the bravery of IDC, the desire to conquer and professional attitude of one of the leading IT companies.

 On 2-11-2015, IDC Group solemnly commemorated 23 years anniversary (2/11/1992 – 2/11/1995)

At the ceremony of celebration of 23 years anniversary, there is the participation of the Board of Directors of IDC Group as well the entire staff in company.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the president of IDC Group, Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong reviewed the 23 years development stage since 1992. After 23 years of establishment, IDC Group has experienced an outstanding development. From a small company with a humble capital, now IDC have become a big distributor, has a trademark and reputation on the IT market.

Thanks to the campaign orientation, the steer of the company leadership, the solidarity of all staff as well as the trust and cooperation of customers for our products during the process of establishment and development.

The ceremony of 23 years anniversary of IDC Group establishment is the place which all of staff met and reviewed the whole process they had experienced and honored groups, sectors and individuals which had contributed to constructing the foundation of success in IDC Group.

Part 1: Leadership awarded for outstanding and excellence individuals 

Part 2: The entertainment shows with the participation of IDC Group employees


On the itinerary of IDC Group, we cannot deny the necessity of cooperation, support, encouragement of customers, partners from all other companies, industries as well as whole society. We always identify that all of successes which we have achieved are the results of the efforts from all parties and we want to share this happiness with the most profound gratitude. As a result, when we look in the future, we could be optimistic and believe that from this generation to other generations, IDC will promote the achievements and keep moving forward, following the way that we have chosen.